About the Artist

          I'm Nicole Volk, a potter residing in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  I grew up just north of Lake Preston, South Dakota, making mud pies and pretending to make pottery in the backyard of my family's farm. I moved to Aberdeen in 2000 to attend Northern State University where I earned a bachelor's degree in Music Education. While attending NSU, I met my husband, Nick Volk, who owns and operates a second-generation business, Volk Upholstery. Nick and I have two daughters, Jada and Maci. 

          While I was in the music program at NSU, I also earned a minor in Art and a love of ceramic arts. I was blessed to have studied pottery under Mark Shekore at NSU and began acquiring the necessary equipment after graduation when I knew clay needed to continue to be a part of my life.

          I was a featured artist in the January/February 2020 edition of the Aberdeen Magazine, in an article by Jenny Roth, titled "At the Wheel of a Creative Life." (2020) you can click here to read the article on the Aberdeen Magazine website.  (Photo credit to Troy McQuillen of Aberdeen Magazine.)  

          I presented my first gallery show, "Everyday Art," at the former Presentation College Wein Gallery in September and October of 2020. I was one of three artists, alongside Jeffrey Schulz, photographer, and the late Thom C. Berg, stained glass artist, both of Aberdeen, "Everyday Art" featured functional pottery pieces ranging from platters and dinnerware sets to ceramic flutes and windchimes. 

          In October of 2021, I participated in my second gallery show at the Dacotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Two sets were featured including a dinnerware set and matching serving set in a green and white glaze combination I like to call "Meadow Horizon." The gallery show titled, "Artists on the Prairie" featured artist of the Midwest. What an honor to display my pottery among so many talented artists in our region; many who are local to Aberdeen! In 2023, I submitted my African Safari Tea set to the Artist of the Prairie Exhibit; the theme was "Dreams and Memories." 

          Functional ceramic pieces are truly mypassion. "I get so much gratification from hearing a customer say that they use my piece every day. My husband's late grandmother used a teapot that I made in college, every single day for steeping her tea.  I keep it in my curio cabinet at home now and its tea-stained belly is such a compliment. She used it for 15 years and it makes me so proud." 

          I also love the challenge of making a vessel that will complement the food being served in it. A simple berry bowl with the right glazes can make a bowl of in-season berries look so beautiful.    

Presentation College Wein Gallery September/October 2020
Featuring: Jeffrey Schulz, Photographer, Nicole Volk, Potter, and
the late Thom C. Berg, Stained Glass Artist. 

Above: October 2021, Nicole Volk Pottery participated in the "Artists on the Prairie" Gallery Show at the Dacotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen, SD.
Below:2023 Show
"Dreams and Memories"
"Safari Tea"