Taking Care of Stoneware Pottery

Handwashing is ALWAYS best, but my pottery can be washed in the Dishwasher and placed in the Microwave. 

Here are some Tips to care for your new stoneware item:

  • Never soak your pottery in the sink.  The raw stoneware will absorb water.  
  • If you microwave a piece that has recently been soaked or washed recently in the dishwasher-it may cause damage and tiny cracks in the stoneware. 
  • Top rack wash in dishwasher. 
  • The most common breaks are caused by handles getting smushed and clanked against other dishes in the sink or dishwasher. Space handles so that they don't bang on anything else to avoid breakages.
  • Do not microwave metallic glazed pottery such as gold luster or copper. It will spark. I will mark these pieces accordingly.

Contact Nicole at nicole_volk@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

What is a Raw Foot? 

The raw foot on pottery is an unglazed space that is necessary to keep pieces from sticking to the shelves in the firing process.  When submerged in water, it will eventually absorb water.  Don't leave stoneware in the sink to soak.