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Photo of a 3 piece carved vase set


Phone: 605-380-2116

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My Home Studio Space

        My studio is located in my home.  It's awesome to be able to create from the comfort of my own personal space and to work as late as I need to, but it, unfortunately, means I don't have a physical location to visit. 

          While I'd love to someday own and operate a community space to create pottery, my basement studio suits my current needs. I'm so excited to have this online store in the meantime!  Watch for a future link to a studio tour! 

           Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work.  I'm incredibly thankful for the support of my customers, the community and so many pottery lovers who have helped to support my art!  (Not to mention my husband who made this space happen!)  This journey has been a dream and I cannot wait to show you new things!

 -Nicole Volk, Potter